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Everything self-driving cars calculate before changing lanes
Technology Inside a self-driving car’s lane-change calculus. To swerve or not to swerve: Inside a self-driving car’s lane-change calculus. Source: tech nolgy ...

A new Wi-Fi system could help your home network, if companies sign on
Technology The Wi-Fi Alliance wants to standardize home mesh networks. The way Wi-Fi is distributed throughout our abodes is changing. Source: tech nolgy ...

This self-driving car relies on spinning lasers to navigate down rural roads
Technology MIT is working on autonomous cars that don’t need good maps. If you hope to ride in a driverless car someday, chances are that the trip will ...

How to brew worm tea
DIY For fertilizer, not drinking. Jim Shaw has been in the worm business since he was a teenager. His favorite application of the creepy crawlers: turning their droppings ...

Aluminum production could get much better for the environment
Technology The breakthrough is great news for your gadgets A new way of smelting aluminum releases oxygen, not carbon dioxide. Source: tech nolgy ...

Self-driving cars should earn people's trust with good communication
Technology These vehicles are ugly and eye-catching and that’s the point. Autonomous cars may be capable of driving around on their own, but they still need to be ...

These bird feeders won’t get raided by squirrels
Gadgets You have options when it comes to keeping furry menaces away from our feathered friends’ snacks. You have options when it comes to keeping furry menaces away ...

Drones, AI, and smart meetings at the beginning of the Microsoft Build conference
Technology What you need to know about the company’s developers’ event. “The world is becoming a computer,” Satya Nadella, the company’s CEO, said towards the beginning of his ...

Facebook used billions of hashtagged Instagram photos to train its AI
Technology Hashtags are actually useful for training computer vision systems. Hashtags are a good way to see millions of #travel photos in one place, but Facebook used those ...

Watch water droplets dance across a surface using electricity
Technology Cool things happen when you control water with a computer. Researchers at MIT have created a system by which droplets on a horizontal device follow a computer’s ...