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Rats can’t puke, which is bad news for them and great news for us
Animals We could use their unique talents to develop better chemo drugs. Consider, if you will, a repulsive case of food poisoning. You may try to hold it ...

The failed Florida overpass was supposed to be a shining example of accelerated bridge construction
Technology But catastrophic events like these are rarely as simple as the ABCs. On March 15, just five days after the bridge was erected, 950 tons of concrete ...

The Olympic sport most likely to kill you
Science It’s probably not skeleton. Winter sports are notoriously tough on the joints, from skis and snowboards that can tweak legs to the tendon-shredding, cartilage-endangering feats of figure ...

Razor-sharp snowflakes are wreaking havoc on Olympians’ skis
Science In super-cold temperatures, it’s more like skiing on sand than snow. Turns out that in the right temperatures, snowflakes can turn from fluffy sparkles into razor-sharp, ski-destroying ...