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The New Ebola Outbreak Could Take ‘Three, Maybe Four’ Months to Control
The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently fighting its ninth Ebola outbreak—and Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum is as calm as ever. Warm, round-faced, and preternaturally chill, Muyembe was the ...

Ebola Returns Just as the White House Loses Its Top Biodefense Expert
This week, three things happened with painfully ironic synchronicity. First, the Democratic Republic of the Congo revealed that it is facing down its ninth Ebola outbreak. Second, President ...

Ebola Returns Just as Trump Asks to Rescind Ebola Funds
Ebola is back. The infamous viral disease first made itself known to the world in 1976, in a small village called Yambuku in the Democratic Republic of the ...

The Shellfish Gene
In the late 1970s, scientists noticed that soft-shell clams from Maine were dying from a strange kind of leukemia. Large, cannonball-shaped cancer cells would fill their blood, turning ...

This Hummingbird’s Tail Whistles, and No One’s Sure Why
In early spring, people walking through the deserts of California might be able to hear a high-pitched whistle. That noise comes from a male Costa’s hummingbird, but not ...

The oldest penis ever found is 425 million years old, and belongs to an animal whose scientific name—Colymbosathon ecplecticos—means “astounding swimmer with a large penis.” Large is relative, ...

An Inordinate Fondness for Wasps
When talking about whether theology has anything to learn from science, the British biologist J. B. S. Haldane used to quip that God must have “an inordinate fondness ...

Trump’s Pick For CDC Director Is Experienced But Controversial
In the first year of his administration, Donald Trump has repeatedly filled important scientific positions with candidates who seem to be either unqualified for the roles or diametrically ...

The Blind Fish That Should Have Diabetes, But Somehow Doesn’t
Millions of years ago, a small, unremarkable fish called the Mexican tetra started swimming into the caves of eastern Mexico. In the all-encompassing darkness of these limestone caverns, ...

The Last Male Northern White Rhino Is Dead
With wide three-toed hooves and no thumbs, Sudan could neither swipe right nor swipe left. But last April, he joined Tinder anyway, making him the only northern white ...