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A World Where School Shootings Feel Inevitable
The school year at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas—roughly 30 miles outside of Houston—was winding to a close. The seniors would be honored on Saturday ...

Oprah to Graduates: Vote! Vote! Vote!
Oprah Winfrey believes in the truth—and the importance of those who tell it—and she wants everyone to know it. She wants to fight fake news. She wants to ...

Single Moms in College Spend 9 Hours a Day on Housework
Every year around this time—when commencement season and Mother’s Day collide—moms across the country are praised for their grit and resolve. It’s a tough job for just about ...

The Undoing of an Online Student-Loan ‘Expert’
It doesn’t take much to run a survey on the website Pollfish. An email address, a title for the survey, a couple of target-demographic details, and $400 dollars—which ...

The Curse of Being a Highly Selective College
Getting into America’s top colleges is extremely hard, but making sense of how it’s decided who gets in is arguably even harder. By and large, colleges—especially the most ...