Radio Atlantic: Are We Ready for the Next Pandemic?

Radio Atlantic: Are We Ready for the Next Pandemic?

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“Humanity is now in the midst of its fastest-ever period of change,” writes Ed Yong in the July/August issue of The Atlantic. Urbanization and globalization mean pathogens can spread and become drug-resistant more quickly than ever.

Yong joins executive editor Matt Thompson and fellow science writer Sarah Zhang to discuss what vulnerabilities exist a century after the 1918 pandemic, and how our sharpest risks might be societal and psychological.


“The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready?” (Ed Yong, July/August 2018 Issue)

“VIDEO: Is Trump Ready for a Global Outbreak?” (Ed Yong, Jun 14, 2018)

“China Is Genetically Engineering Monkeys With Brain Disorders” (Sarah Zhang,  June 8, 2018)

“The Perfect Storm Behind This Year’s Nasty Flu Season” (Sarah Zhang,  January 13, 2018)

“Trees That Have Lived for Millennia Are Suddenly Dying” (Ed Yong, Jun 11, 2018)

@sarahzhang on Twitter; @-mention her if you’ve read Audrey Schulman’s A Theory of Bastards

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“How Bad Is the Flu?” (Justina Hill, March 1944 Issue)

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