‘I Wanted to Take My Body Off’: Detransitioned

‘I Wanted to Take My Body Off’: Detransitioned

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In October 2012, Carey Callahan began a course of bimonthly intramuscular testosterone injections. After years of harassment and discomfort in her female body, she had made the decision to transition to being male. In the short term, she was happy. But she soon discovered that life as a transgender man was not what she had expected. Her discomfort persisted, as did the harassment.

Nine months after her first injection, Carey stopped hormone-replacement therapy. A year after that, she made the decision to return to identifying as female. “I regret it,” Carey says of her choice to transition in a new Atlantic documentary.

Recently, Carey began speaking out about her experience, joining a small but vocal group of so-called detransitioners, as profiled in Jesse Singal’s cover story, “When Children Say They’re Trans,” for the July/August issue of The Atlantic. “The complexity of our viewpoint is pretty inconvenient to people on all sides of the political spectrum,” Carey says in the film. For her, detransitioning has resulted in the most harassment she has ever faced in her life.

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