Fresh heatwave may hit Karachi on Tuesday

Fresh heatwave may hit Karachi on Tuesday

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KARACHI: After getting a day’s little respite on Sunday when the maximum temperature fell to 37.5 degrees Celsius, the residents of the city suffering from extremely hot weather conditions for the past several weeks were again warned by the meteorological department on Sunday to be prepared for another heatwave in the next couple of days.

Prolonged power outages have also plagued many areas of Karachi amid sweltering weather conditions exacerbating citizens’ woes.

Responding to Dawn queries, a meteorological official said that the new heatwave of moderate to severe intensity would engulf Karachi and its suburbs on Tuesday and was expected to continue till Thursday (from May 29 to 31).

He said that during the heatwave hot and dry continental winds from the north / northwest (Balochistan side) would blow into the metropolis and suspend the entry of relatively cooler sea breeze into Karachi.

He said that while the city had relatively better weather on Sunday with the maximum temperature recorded at 37.5 degrees Celsius, the rest of the province remained in the grip of heatwave.

Qibla direction

The Met official said that Muslims around the globe would have an opportunity to ascertain the exact direction of Qibla on Monday, May 28, at 2.18pm.

He said on this day and at this time the sun will shine exactly over Kaaba enabling the Ummah to ascertain exact Qibla direction in their respective areas of residence.

For this purpose, added the Met official, fix a stick on the ground vertically and the shadow of the stick will indicate the Qibla direction at the time.

Published in Dawn, May 28th, 2018

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